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Introducing thelicagent.in – a website where you get the best insurance options. We provide life insurance and health insurance plans. Experienced insurance agent in Thane and Mumbai.

Having been an insurance advisor for more than 10 years, we believe in keeping insurance dealings simple. We are licensed insured agent for LIC India and Star Health and Allied Insurance and based out of Thane and Mumbai (India).

Providing simple customized insurance plans for our clients is our forte.

Firstly, we have observed people buy insurance for all the wrong reasons. It is simple and has two parts one is a life cover and the other is health insurance.

Why you need a life cover? The answer is simple. To protect your family’s financial health if you die an untimely death.

Apart from this everything else is an add on. Be it saving taxes or then getting a retirement life secured and others.

Next, why do we need a health or medical insurance cover?

Every time we go to a doctor for a fever we don’t think much of the cost but when you have something more serious like a surgery. Here the cost can be significant. Buying a health or medical insurance is building your protection against any hospitalization expenses.

Speaking about our expertise we have experience of providing customized insurance solutions. We also provide service post purchase policy during claims.

You can connect to us by providing your contact details on our website thelicagent.in.

Next, we understand your requirements and do an assessment. Providing you the right life insurance and health insurance plan. If interested, do drop us a line and we will contact to discuss this. Click here.

About thelicagent.in

Started in 2004, we have provided life and health insurance services in Thane and Mumbai. We will help you get insured and secure your lives. With our expertise, we will provide guidance on what to look for when you are about to buy a policy. We insure, protect and empower your lives providing you the right fit for your insurance needs.