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Health insurance best policy plans are the ones which provide the cashless cover option.

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We specialize in providing health insurance policy. An individual interested in health insurance questions – Do I need health insurance? How much health insurance do I need? We always like to address these questions and educate an individual as to how to decide a health insurance cover.

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Medical emergencies leads to financial burden

We always hear stories of medical emergencies leading to financial burden. Some end up digging into their investments or take up a loan or mortgage their valuables.

Health Insurance is important in India

Take a health insurance and transfer your risks

First objective should be to transfer these risks to a health insurance company. Buying a health insurance is the right step in this direction and health insurance usually covers all medical costs based on the insurance plans.

How health insurance works? You pay a premium which can be yearly or monthly and you transfer the risk to the health insurance company. The health insurance will provide medical cover for a set amount and as per the conditions of the contract.

Get a good health insurance policy and cover your medical expenses

Life insurance and health insurance are different

Often health insurance plans in India are confused with life insurance. However that is not the case and taking a health insurance plan is vital with growing medical expenses and changing lifestyle.

There are different health insurance types that cater to different age groups. Taking a good health insurance in India clearly depends on the life cycle of the individual.

The individual can be one who has just started his professional career, a married person with children or a senior citizen.

Health insurance covers different life stages

Let us look at different life stages which ideally an individual goes through in his lifecycle:

Health insurance for individual

An individual has just started his professional journey and is looking for the best medical insurance policy. Individual health insurance policy would be the ideal plan and it will come cheaper as its being taken at an early age.

Health Insurance for parents

The individual now understands the importance of health insurance and now is wanting to take health insurance for parents. Here the individual can choose to take a health insurance for family which covers the individual and parents. However here one can also go for health insurance for senior citizen – this ideally one should go for if the individual’s organization has got him covered but not his parents. Health insurance plans for family are a better option as you can get the entire family covered with a higher cover.

Adding spouse to health insurance after marriage is a good option

Now next say the individual gets married. So now there is an addition to the family and the spouse would want to be added to the health insurance policy. Health insurance family floater plans would be the ideal suggestion in this case as you will be able to add an additional family member. Family floater health insurance plans help in adding up members of your family and cover them under a single policy.

Health Insurance family floater to cover entire family medical expenses

Post marriage if there are kids then those can also be added. Now this cycle is actually more or less similar in each one of our lives. Currently you might fit in one of these mentioned milestones. A good health insurance with a good health insurance agent helps you be medically covered on all stages of life.

Health insurance plans for family

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Health insurance premium

Now let us get into some numbers. What would ideally be my health insurance premium? We can share with you a health insurance premium chart. However on a top level below are the premium to give you an understanding.

For an individual of age 31 yrs, with just an approximately yearly premium of INR 9,500/- a health insurance cover of INR 10,00,000/- can be taken.

For 2 adults (husband & wife) – the yearly premium would be approximately INR 18,000/- for a sum assured of INR 10,00,000/-

For 2 adults (husband & wife) & 2 children – the yearly premium would be approximately INR 34,000/- for a sum assured of INR 20,00,000/-

Please note that all the above premium mentioned are yearly. This means that an average of INR 1,800/- to INR 2000/- per month and you could get a good cover for you and your entire family.

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Health Insurance FAQ section

There are always some questions in one’s mind before buying a health insurance plan, we would want to address the basic queries that can arise. We shall keep updating this section as we come across new questions. You can always connect with us on WhatsApp or call us for a quick chat.

Health insurance provide 2 facilities – cashless and reimbursements. In case of cashless you will have to notify the hospital where you are undergoing treatment. Here it is mandatory to get treated from the network hospital of the insurance provider. For proof purpose you can either show the documents or the E-card that would be provided to you. After having a look at the same the hospital will process the claims accordingly. The hospital will forward the bills with the insurance company. The bills are then thoroughly checked and the settlement of payment is done.

In case of reimbursement, you pay your bills initially and apply for reimbursement later to get the amount back. Here it is not mandatory to get treated from a network hospital.

Health insurance can be taken as per the defined sum assured for eg: a sum assured of 5 lacs or 10 lacs. The need for health insurance is different as per the lifecycle of an individual. However with health insurance the sooner you take its better.

In this situation always consider going for a senior citizen health insurance plan. As there is no requirement of a pre-insurance medical test. Health insurance for parents with pre-existing diseases can also be provided under this type of policy. We recommend star senior citizen red carpet plan which is a good senior citizen health insurance policy.

Started in 2004, we have provided life and health insurance services in Thane and Mumbai. We will help you get insured and secure your lives. With our expertise, we will provide guidance on what to look for when you are about to buy a policy. We insure, protect and empower your lives providing you the right fit for your insurance needs.