Health insurance of parents

Health insurance for older parents

Health insurance with parents aging becomes very important and are ideally financial coverage that cover parents who can be termed as aged or senior citizen and young parents as well. There can be different health insurance parents plan according to the requirement of the individuals. Ideally depending on the age of the individual the health insurance including parents changes as in it can be a policy that can be termed as a senior citizen policy or star health family optima plan.

Which health insurance is best for parents in India?

This definitely depends on the entry age of the individual parent when the health insurance parents plan in India is taken. Let us look at the different situations that might arise.

Health insurance for parents above 60 years

health insurance for older parents

In this situation always consider going for a senior citizen health insurance plan. In this there is no requirement of a pre-insurance medical test. Health insurance for parents with pre-existing diseases can also be provided under this type of policy. Ideally there is a waiting period like the second year onwards.
Since there are no pre-medical tests involved, this plan is subject to co-payment which can be of the range of up to 30%. This is the percentage amount which has to be paid from your side and the rest would be covered by the health insurance plan.
This health insurance plan provides high insurance coverage, pre and post hospitalization expenses, lifetime renewal options and cashless hospitalization.

Health insurance for parents below 60 years

Health Insurance for parents above 50 or less than 60 years

In such a case, family floater health insurance plan covers for the parent’s medical expenses. Such plans allow members of a family get covered under a single policy. However, if you are married we recommend taking a family floater plan for yourself, spouse and children only. Health insurance including parents can be taken as a separate policy as there will be a huge age difference between you and your parents. The needs will be significantly different like for example the sum assured required would ideally be a higher one.

Health insurance for would be parents

Medical Insurance for parents

In such a case, you can opt for a normal family floater health insurance plan. You can cover ideally yourself, your spouse and up to 3 children in a policy. Even health insurance for single parent and child can be taken under this policy as there are different combinations that can be arrived at. The family floater plan includes children up to the age of 25. You can also add a new born child to your existing health insurance policy as well.

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