Let us look at Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy Benefits and Details

Star Health Comprehensive Policy Plan - Wider Coverage Shield to Protect your family

Brief about Star Health Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Star Comprehensive insurance policy provides complete health care protection. For your entire family on individual and floater basis.

To take this policy, you can submit your details. And we will help you to know more about this health insurance policy. Providing you with complete easy customized information about the star health comprehensive policy plan brochure, premium chart and benefits.


What are the highlights of the star comprehensive insurance policy?

No capping on room rent – Treatment at Private Single A/c Room, when it comes to boarding and nursing expenses as provided by the hospital.

Extra cover – Air Ambulance assistance, second medical opinion, Domiciliary hospitalisation. In addition to that Organ donor expenses and Ayush treatment are covered

Health Check Up – Cost of Health check-up for every claim free year are payable. The conditions are however that this check up should be done in a networked facility. And the policy is in force or has not lapsed.

Cover for maternity – Expense cover for maternity both normal and Caesarean delivery. Includes pre-natal and post-natal expenses and the new born baby.

Automatic restoration – 100% Automatic restoration provided for subsequent hospitalisation. Also even for illness or disease for which claims was or were made.

Cover on OPD basis – Dental/Ophthalmic cover on OPD basis

Personal accident cover – Personal accident cover against Death and Permanent total disablement (equal to the Health Insurance cover) at no additional cost.

Renewal Benefits – 100% Increase in Sum Insured upon a claim free renewal

Buy Back Pre-existing disease – Reduction in waiting period for Pre-existing diseases

Covers complex medical procedures – Covers medical expenses incurred on Bariatric surgical procedures and their complications.

Mid term Inclusion – Mid term Inclusion of newly married/wedded spouse. Also new born baby is permissible on paying additional premium.


What are the benefits of Star Health Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy?

In order to understand this better. We will divide these benefits into sections of the policy.

Section 1

Hospitalization benefits of star comprehensive insurance policy

Hospitalization cover protects the insured for inpatient hospitalization expenses. For a minimum period of 24 hrs.

Therefore these expenses include room rent (Private Single A/C room), nursing and boarding charges. Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultants, Specialist fees, Cost of Medicines and Drugs as well.

Road Ambulance and Air Ambulance expenses

Also, road ambulance charges for emergency transportation to hospital. Subject to a certain specified limits covered.

Here, below are the specified limits details which include the following:

  • Firstly, road ambulance needed for medical reasons.
  • Secondly, transportation by private ambulance service from one hospital to another for better medical treatment.
  • Thirdly, transportation of the injured person from the treating hospital to their place of residence, required after certification by a medical practitioner.

Next, Air Ambulance Benefit expenses up to Rs.2,50,000/- per hospitalization. However not exceeding Rs.5,00,000/- per policy period.

Pre-hospitalization and Post hospitalization expenses

Pre-hospitalization expenses up to 60 days prior to admission in the hospital. In addition to that post hospitalization expenses up to 90 days after discharge.

Outpatient medical consultation

Also in addition to the above, outpatient consultation (other than dental and ophthalmic) expenses up to limits incurred in a networked facility.

Domiciliary Hospitalization in star comprehensive health insurance

Coverage for Domiciliary hospitalization for a period exceeding three days. This is like the care and treatment taken at a hospital. As advised by the medical practitioner for instance:

  • The ill patient is not able to move.
  • Due to the non-availability of room in a hospital.

Section 2:

Delivery and New born

Here the expenses incurred as in-patient for Delivery including Delivery by Caesarean section.

Above all for Treatment of the New Born – The new born baby completes 1 year of age and added in the policy on renewal. Up to the limits mentioned in the schedule of benefits the vaccination expenses are payable.

Section 3:

Out-patient Dental and Ophthalmic Treatment

Dental / Ophthalmic treatments as an out-patient – once in a block of every three years.

Section 4:

Organ Donor Expenses

Expenses incurred for organ transplantation. The recipient being the insured person. This transplantation claim is payable if covered.

Section 5:

Hospital Cash benefit in star health comprehensive policy

For each completed day of hospitalization and a maximum of 7 days per occurrence. The hospital cash benefit is payable.

Section 6:

Health Check up

Cost of Health checkup is payable after every claim free year.

Section 7:

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgical procedure expenses incurred on hospitalization and its complications thereof are payable. This is payable up to the limits mentioned during the policy period.

Rs.2,50,000/- and Rs.5,00,000/- would be the maximum limit. Inclusive of pre-hospitalization and post hospitalization expenses.

Section 8:

Option for Second Medical Opinion

The insured person can obtain a second medical opinion from a doctor in the company’s network in electronic mode.

Section 9:

AYUSH Treatment included in star comprehensive insurance policy

Expenses incurred on treatment for Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy systems of medicines covered.

Section 10:

Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disablement

Under Accidental Death. It covers permanent total disability following an accident. This covers dependent children and persons above 70 years under accidental death. And Permanent Total Disablement up to the sum insured of Rs.10,00,000.

Section 11:

Buyback PED (Optional Cover)

You can pay the additional premium to reduce the BuyBack PED from 36 to 12 months.

Other important star health comprehensive policy details

Firstly, Automatic Restoration of Sum Insured benefit in star comprehensive insurance policy

Now what is Automatic Restoration of Sum Insured? Upon exhaustion of Basic sum insured and the Bonus. Sum insured will be automatically restored by 100% once during policy period.

Above all this sum insured can also be utilized for an illness for which claims were made. In conclusion, such restoration will be available for section 1 other than outpatient medical consultation.

How much cumulative bonus is provided?

The maximum benefit of bonus is 100% of the basic sum insured.

Midterm inclusion of newly married/wedded spouse and New Born Baby is permissible on paying an additional premium. Also within 60 days from the date of marriage or newborn, the intimation has to be given.

Next, the Waiting Period. In other words when does the coverage come into effect?

The Company shall not be liable under this policy directly or indirectly for

  • First 30 days for illness/disease (other than accidents)
  • 24 months for specified illness/disease/treatments
  • 36 months for pre-existing diseases

Pre-Acceptance Medical Screening: Only for Buyback PED (Optional Cover).

Firstly Pre-Existing Diseases/Illnesses are covered after 36 months of continuous Insurance without break. However, if the insured opts Buyback PED then Pre-Existing Diseases covered after 12 months of continuous coverage from the inception of this policy

What is the eligibility for the Star Comprehensive Health Insurance policy?

Persons between 18 years and 65 years of age at the time of entry can take this Insurance. Secondly dependent children are covered from 3 months and up to 25 years of age. There is no upper age limit for continuous renewals.

This policy is both on Individual basis and on Family Floater basis. Family for the purpose of this policy means self, spouse and dependent children, not exceeding 3.

What are the general terms of the star comprehensive insurance policy?

Co-Payment: 10% of each and every claim for persons above 60 years at entry level and their subsequent renewals.

Tax Benefit: Amount paid by any mode other than cash is eligible for relief under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Free look period:

At the time of inception of the policy, the Insured will be allowed a period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy to review the terms and conditions of the policy and to return the policy if not acceptable. In such a case, the premium refund shall be as follows :

If the Insured has not made any claim during the free look period, the Insured shall be entitled to –

  • firstly a refund of the premium paid less any expenses incurred by the Insurer on medical examination of the insured persons and the stamp duty charges or,
  • secondly where the risk has already commenced and the option of return of the policy is exercised by the policy holder, a deduction towards the proportionate risk premium for period on cover or,
  • where only a part of the insurance coverage has commenced, such proportionate premium commensurate with the insurance coverage during such period. Free look period shall not be applicable at the time of renewal.

NOTE: Renewal premium, terms and conditions are subject to change with prior approval from IRDAI.

What are the STAR advantages?

No third-party administrator, direct in-house claim settlement.

Faster & hassle-free claim settlement. Cashless hospitalization wherever possible.

Need more details? Get in touch with us by entering your details below and we will tell you how you can take this plan.

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